Support Us Now

All CYK ‘s staffs would like to express our profound appreciation to all generous persons who always support our project in Cambodia.

Supplementary Feeding with Boiled Egg ($ 5 for 6 children)
A $5 contribution to this program is enough to prepare boiled eggs for as many as 6 children with the money going to the local community who produce the eggs and boil them.

Children’s meal Support ($ 10 for 40 Children’s meals)
There are many children who can not eat enough meals in Cambodia. About 1000 children at 8 community childcare centers and a primary school can have nutritious meals everyday.

Learning Materials Support for Children ($ 10 for 5copies of Khmer Picture Books)
Stimulating children’s senses, abilities through playing, Children like to reading picture books and listening story telling.

Childcare Teachers’ Training Support
($ 50 for teaching materials and training fee for a teacher)

Out-door Equipment for Children
($ 1,000 for a set of slide seesaw and swing etc…)
They are installed by the community carpenters of each Pre-school and childcare center

Weaving Training Materials Support
($ 100 for their training materials)

Your support is every important not only to help Cambodian children to get basic care and education for their fundamental development but also help them to have better living in their future. It also helps Cambodian women in the communities to get appropriate skills to generate their income to improve their well being.

We wish you peace, good health, longevity and prosperity in your life.