Pidan Khmer

rom 1981 a Weaving skill training program was implemented in Thailand in refugee camp for women who waited for resettlement in third countries or repatriation to their homeland. In 1993 in Kandal Province, Cambodia where CYK operates a community childcare center, CYK started a weaving program in order to support village women to earn their living. In 2003 in Takeo Province, where traditional silk ikat weaving is very popular, the present weaving training center was established.

Since then CYK  has been operating many weaving training courses for beginners and skilled village weavers. By 2013, 172 weavers have graduated from these one year, six-month and three-month weaving courses. The training team also conducted 2-weeks mobile workshops in weavers’ communities for training in new ikat patterns with nearly 700 village weavers attending the mobile workshops in Takeo province.

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