Category: Weaving Program

Indigo Paste Making

For natural dye colors, indigo blue is essential for making the variation in colors. The traditional way of making indigo paste will be further trained. Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) invited Expert from Okinawa, Japan to train Angkor Ban Indigo Community members in Kampong Cham province for many years from 2014 and continues to support … Read More

What is Khmer Weaving?

Cambodia is well known as its art of traditional Khmer weaving.  The characteristics of Khmer silk ikat weaving is weft tie-dye and uneven twill groundweave. Those ikat patterns were passed on from mothers to daughters.   Weaving practice in many villages have been transmitted and alive in their lives.  But during the civil war from 1970 … Read More

Weaving Training Center

In the villages of rural area, the opportunity of getting income for village women is very limited.  Weaving is the traditional house industry for a long time. Village women can weave at home while they do house works, farming and childcare.  And it is also important to preserve and transfer traditional weaving culture to the … Read More

Mobile Training for Village Weavers

The skills of traditional weaving are learned from mothers to the young girls in many villages but the number of skillful weavers decreased drastically during the civil war. So young generation in the villages like to learn more patterns and improve their weaving skills. In 2009, based on the requests from the village weavers, CYK … Read More

Natural Dye

The following natural dye are used for weaving. Chat Leaves Chongreak Ebony Fruit Indigo Lac Prohoot Annatto seeds Weaving Textbook “Khmer Weaving” Khmer weaving skills and traditiions are in the hands of skillfull weavers and not many records of the work and products.  In order to develop  training  manual and keep the record of weaving skills, … Read More