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Special Materials/Paperwork for Distance Learning

In June, 2021, to follow the guideline of MoEY No 28 អយក.សណន dated May 28, 2021 on the distance learning, E-learning and learning in small group, from 15th to 24th , CYK cooperated with POE and DOE officers of Kampong Chhnang PoEYS to produce materials and paperwork for parents to teach children at home and … Read More

Provision of the Set of Outdoor Playing Equipment

In 2020, with the financial support from nexus Co., Ltd. in Japan and WE 21 Atsugi, CYK provided fund to build ten (10) set of outdoor playing equipment (slide and seesaw) for ten community/village preschools in Takeo and Kampong Chhnang province at following locations: Tropeang Krolanh community preschool located in Bak Ronos Primary School, in … Read More

Cloth Doll and Ball Workshop for Parents

CYK offered the work of cloth ball and doll sewing regularly for its supporting village preschools’ parents to generate their income so that they can contribute to childcare center and village preschools for their children every day; and also supports teachers by providing this sewing work to earn extra income as well since 1996. The … Read More

Two Village Preschools were Handed Over in 2020

After three years support from Caring for Young Khmer (CYK), the two village preschools in Kraing Leav village, Prey Pouch commune, Ang Snuol district, Kandal province ad in Prey Chro village, Kbal Teuk commune, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhang province could be handed over the responsibility on their operation and management to their supporting committees … Read More

New Opening of Tropean Pring Village Preschool

On 11th June 2020, with the cooperation from Kampong Chhnang POE and Teuk Phos DOE officers, CYK staffs have met and discussed with committee members at Tropeang Pring village on the construction of building for new village preschool in Mattapheap Primary school located at Tropeang Pring village, Aphiwat commune, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhnang province … Read More

Follow up at Handed over Village Preschools

After officially handed over the responsibility on the operation and management of three village preschools in Kandal and Kampong Chhnang province, CYK adviser and childcare team conduct the follow up and evaluation on their continue operation and management, especially the cooperation for their sustainability. In November 2020, with the cooperation from Kampong Chhnang PoEYS, the … Read More

Indigo Paste Making

For natural dye colors, indigo blue is essential for making the variation in colors. The traditional way of making indigo paste will be further trained. Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) invited Expert from Okinawa, Japan to train Angkor Ban Indigo Community members in Kampong Cham province for many years from 2014 and continues to support … Read More

Special Training for VPS Teachers

To follow the community preschool standard, teacher should complete 35 days training. The advisor and childcare team of Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) conducted the training and on-the job-training before the opening of preschool. And after its opening, the monitoring and teacher technical meeting was conducted every month to strengthen their teaching capacity after its … Read More

Preschool Building Renovation

The childcare team of Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) visited Rokakaong II preschool’s class on 23rd April and 25th June 2019, after end its support for about 15 years. And they discussed with the school committee members on the support needed for school’s environment as well as for children’s development. The school committee members asked … Read More

Celebration of International Children Day

To celebrate the International Children Day, Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) organized a special event separately for all children at CYK’s supporting village preschools in Kandal and Kompong Chhnang provinces from 24th to May 201.8. The officers from District Office of Education, village preschool supporting members, parents, teachers and children of those preschools attend … Read More

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