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Follow-Up of Indigo dye Practice

The year of 2013 is the second year of Indigo dye Training in Konpong cham. After the 1 month training of indigo dye making and actual dying practice, the seven participants in the community are eagerly practiced the assigned work of cotton dying for four months. By practicing regularly, all of the participants could get … Read More

Pictorial Ikat Silk Training Course Completed

CYK organized Pidan, pictorial ikat silk training course for three months from April 2014. Four skilled young weavers participated it. They learned different patterns of traditional pictorial ikat silk weaving in three months. The most difficult and time consuming  part of producing Pidan is tying complicated patterns. In this course, their  assigned pattterns have  59 … Read More

New Natural Color Combinations

CYK tries to dye various natural colors and new combinations of them with pale color background.  Recently many beautiful color combinations were created. Weavers tried new way of dying with traditional Khmer ikat patterns.

An Exhibition of PIDAN, Traditional Pictorial Ikat Silk

CYK started Pidan Exhibition at the Insider Gallery of Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh on April 24, 2014. Twelve pidans are exhibited this time.  Most of them are CYK’s graduates’ Works. CYK conducts Pidan course of three months for advanced weavers at the weaving training center in Takeo Province. Weaving Pidan Article also published on … Read More

Natural Dye Trial

Since 2011, CYK has been organising  Natural Dye Trial program for promoting natural dye technique to the visitors who are interested in natural colors. In  March, there are two groups of  visitors of  natural dye trial. On 6 March, three visitors from Germany and Japan came to attend  natural dye trial at CYK’s weaving Training Center … Read More

Weavers’ Vist to Pidan Exhibition at the National Museum

“Revitalizing Khmer Treasure Pidan: Pictorial Ikat Silk “ is being held at the National Museum of Cambodia. Pidan is very special, elaborately designed traditional pictorial silk ikat textile which has been used for decorating over Buddha statue in pagoda and praying for good health. After the civil war, Pidan Hol has been reviving. Though Pidan weavers … Read More

Childcare training visit to Thai border area

Six child care teachers of CYK childcare centers visited five childcare centers and pre-schools in Thailand at the beginning of January 2012. They discussed what to learn and the ideal vision and environment of their childcare centers to be in 10 years. They visited five centers and pre-schools as Parai village childcare centers where CYR, … Read More

Childcare Materials Support for Community Pre-school

Early Childhood Care and Education Department (ECCD) of MoEYS organized the training for new community pre-school teachers in August. It was conducted  at  Kratie, Takeo, Kampot provinces for 140 participants from10 provinces. CYK cooperated it and donated a set of 10 childcare play materials/games for all the participants. Our staff explained the aims and usage … Read More

Fish Raising for the Operation of Childcare Centers

From July 2011, CYK cooperated with the staffs of  CEDAC,  local agricultural NGO on raising fish. Beung Kyang supporting committee members and cooks of our community childcare centers took responsibility to raise fish to generate more income in order to be self-reliant in the operation of both childcare centers.  They participated well the training including … Read More

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