As a non-governmental,non-sectarian voluntary organization,Caring for Young Refugees,CYR was established in Tokyo in 1980 in response to the severe deprivation of young Cambodian refugee children in Thailand.  CYR had worked there until the closure of the refugee camp and their repatriation for 13 years.

As division of Caring for Young Refugees, Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) has been working in Cambodia since 1991 continuing focus on a developmental work where the spirit of self-help is essential, but  where Children and women who are much in need of support for their well being.

After general visits to study the situation in Cambodia during 1990-1991, We learned that a large number of children were still severely affected by the shortage of appropriate care and education.   CYK began the community based projects to strengthen the welfare and self –reliance of their mothers through child-related and income generating activities in 1991 in Cambodia