Special Materials/Paperwork for Distance Learning

In June, 2021, to follow the guideline of MoEY No 28 អយក.សណន dated May 28, 2021 on the distance learning, E-learning and learning in small group, from 15th to 24th , CYK cooperated with POE and DOE officers of Kampong Chhnang PoEYS to produce materials and paperwork for parents to teach children at home and to prepare the curriculum for children to learn from distance and to learn in small group during covid 19 pandemic.

The participants are six officers from Kampong Chhnang POEYS, four officers from the targets DOEYS and CYK’s Childcare Project Advisor.

First, all participants had met and discuss about the content of material and curriculum. Then, they cooperated to produce the separated materials and curriculum for children of 3 years old, 4 years old and 5 years old.

As result, we had edited the old curriculum, materials, and paperwork produced in 2020 and produced materials on pre-mathematic (207 lessons) and pre-writing subject (240 lessons); and new produced curriculum, materials, and paperwork on science (60 lessons) and social study subject (64 lessons) from July to November base on the curriculum of MOEYS.

From July 2020, all village pre-schools worked with parents two days a week, at the first day of the week, they distributed and explained parents how to use the first week of materials and paperwork with children at home and at the end of the week, they will collect those materials, paperwork from parents, then distribute and explained the materials and paperwork for the following week.

All children are happy to have materials to learn from distance and parents are happy to have materials and paperwork to teach their children at home.