Scholarship Students

CYK provides scholarship for young and high school graduated students who wish to become preschool teacher to study at preschool teacher training college (PTTC) for two years. This is the third time of scholarship program that provide to two candidates for school year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 after getting approval from Minister of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Ms. Phorn Sreyne is 23 years old (born on 6th December 1997). She graduated from high school in 29016. At that time, she saw an announcement at the commune council hall for a community preschool teacher. She dreams to be teacher for long time ago so she applied for that position. Among two applicants, she was selected and got allowance from the commune council for 250,000 riels per month and 10 months per year.  She started teaching children in her community for 2 years without attending any training on teaching technic or preschool operation and management. So, she just taught children how to read and write number and letter. She wishes to have better knowledge on preschool children teaching so she decided to take exam to study at PTTC. but she got shock as failed the exam. However, she was very happy to get scholarship from CYK to student at the same college, PTTC.

Mr. pen sela is 20 years old (born on 13th January 2000). He has 2 siblings and he is the oldest. He graduated from high school in 2017. He dreamed to be teacher since he was young so after graduate, he applied for a community preschool teacher in his commune. But he was rejected because the commune gave priority to the girl not boy. Then, he tried to applied for study at preschool teacher training college (PTTC) every year for 3 years but he could not pass the exam. At the first year, he did not want to waste the time, and he decided to study at a private university on management and tried to continue taking exam to study at PTTC. This year, he’s 3rd year university student and failed the exam of PTTC again. He felt very shock but he was incited to get scholarship from CYK to student at the same college, PTTC.

In 2021, both of them will graduate from PTTC in August and continue to practice what the learn at PTTC with childcare project team at CYK’s office for 2 years from September and learn new things with childcare project Advisor to strengthen their capacity on early childhood care and education.