Location Survey for New Village Preschool

Every year, CYK tries to expand its childcare care project by opening new village preschool, especially in remote area where children have less chance to access early childhood care and education for their physical and mental development.

With the cooperation from Provincial Officer of Education and Sports (PoEYS) and District Officer of Education and Sports, CYK can conduct the survey at new location by meeting with commune council members and community people check the location and to learn their living condition, their needs and possibility to open the new village preschool in those locations.

For the new opening of village preschool in 2021, the survey was conducted at seven (7) locations in Kampong Chhnang province as below:

  • On 27th November 2020, at Tropeang Bourn village, Samaki Meancey district and at Prek Kunlong village, Kampong Trolach commune, Kampong Trolach district,
  • On 22nd December 2020, at Omal village, Apel Teuk commune, and at Krosas Thmey village, Chhouk Sor commune, Kampong Trolach district,
  • On 23rd December 2020, at Koh Krobey village, Sangkat Phsa Chhnang, Kampong Chhnang city and at Kroh Kokoh village, Pech Changva commune, Boribo district, and
  • On 30th December 2020, at Chumpea village, Prey Kri commune, Chuk Kiri district.

According to the information, there’re a lot of 3-5 years old children but there’s no preschool in those villages and community people need it for their children to access preschool education. The commune council can share the budget for only teacher’s allowance, but cannot afford the budget for building. They seem very cooperative and agree to contribute the land for the building and cooperate for the operation and management of those preschools.