Two Village Preschools were Handed Over in 2020

After three years support from Caring for Young Khmer (CYK), the two village preschools in Kraing Leav village, Prey Pouch commune, Ang Snuol district, Kandal province ad in Prey Chro village, Kbal Teuk commune, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhang province could be handed over the responsibility on their operation and management to their supporting committees and commune councils.

In September 2020, CYK had the meeting separately with committee members of Kraing Leav (KrL) village preschools on 7th and committee member of Prey Chrov (PC) village preschool on 9th to share information on the management and operation of those pre-schools especially the learning of children and parents in small group during covid 19 pandemic; and to confirm with those supporting committee on the possibility to continue the operation of those village preschools by the committee and commune council. Moreover, we discussed on how to manage the saving amount of those preschools during three years support and operation. The committee representative assured that they will try all their best to continue their operation by cooperate with parents and set up the budget for them. For the saving amount, the supporting committee representative asked to keep for need expense at those preschools for their sustainable operation and management.

Among them, Prey Chrov village preschool was evaluated to be community preschool standard for 2020 and teacher had chance to attend the training twice, from 1st to 8th Oct.’ 20 at Kampong Chhnang province and from 22nd to 29th Oct.’ 20 at Takeo province. It’s very encouraging for teacher to continue their work as teacher because she will get direct support from the government.

The official handover ceremonies were conducted separately at KrL VPS on 25th December and at PC VPS on 24th December 2020. And the total saving amount of 3,726,500 Riels (equal to US$931.63) was also handover to the representative of those preschool supporting committee for continuing the management and the operation of those preschools. In the ceremony, commune leader, committee members and parents promised to cooperate more for the sustainable operation and management of those pre-schools.