Support from Family of Mr. Lim Hok Chhourn

On 23rd Dec. ’19, according to the request from Kampong Chhnang PoEYS and Rolear Bier DOEYS, CYK conducted the survey at Thnol Tasaeng village, Svay Chrom commune, Rolea Bier district, Kampong Chhnang province to learn the situation and the possibility of school building support. About 50 Parents, village head, commune leader, CPS teacher, primary school principal, primary school teachers, commune council member in charge of women and children affair, etc. attend the meeting for discussion.

Thnol Tasaeng community preschool was opened for operation 3 years before by using the space of pagoda. When there’s ceremony, teacher has to move to teach under the tree. This year, the primary school principal gave a part of teacher’s room for her to use but it’s too narrow and another part use for storage to keep food for children’s breakfast. So, it seems not to be a classroom, a proper place for preschool children. So, they want to ask CYK to support for school building as the number of children increase every year.

The primary school principal said there’s 2 building, one with 3 classrooms and another has 2 classrooms. But one building with 2 classrooms was built in 1962 and be very old, it nearly collapses. Now, the win is too strong, so they’re worry that it may cause danger to children and will stop using it from 2020. In primary school, student from G1 to G6 has 196p (F: 101p), 6 teachers and principal. There are 2 shifts of teaching and principal also teach student.

The village head informed that there’s 278 families, 1,225p (F: 634p) and 79 children (3 to 5 years old) and 165 children (from 0 to 5 years old).

Village head, primary school principal, pagoda committee, primary school supporting committee, parent representative, commune leader and officer from DOE joint together to prepare the proposal, and estimate the budget for the building.

With the financial support from the family of Mr. Lim Hok Chhourn and the cooperation from Kampong Chhnang POE and Rolea Bier DOE officers, CYK provided fund for the construction of building and toilet (US$5,350) for a community preschool in Thnol Tasaeng Primary school located at Thnol Tasaeng village, Svay Chrom commune, Rolea district, Kampong Chhnang province. The construction was started on 23rd September and was completely finished in 27th November 2020 under the supervision of committee members.

Finally, both children and teacher have proper place for learning and teaching for their physical and mental development.