Tropeang Krosaing Committee Meeting

The representatives of Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) attend the meeting with commune leader and other committee members every month to share information on activities in the community learning center, especially the continue weaving works of graduates at the center and at their home.

In June 2019, Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) provided fund for make flagpole that cost 1,267,500 Riels (equal to US$316.88) in the Tropeang Krasaing (TK) center as the committee members’ request since last year. The construction will be started and completely finished in July 2019.

In September​2019, the committee members request to set up drainage system in front of TK center as the road is constructed under the government budget and the cement ring should be set up by the community at their own house. As the committee has no budget for it, they ask CYK to pay for 27 cement rings, cost total 1,026,000 Riels (equal US$256.50) and they will pay for labor fee to set up.

With the good cooperation of committee members, CYK could to provide training course and other weaving works in the community smoothly. The monthly committee meeting helps us to share information on the situation and process of training and project implementation.

However, according to the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic of Covid 19, our weaving project has got affect too. And because we haven’t got any support from donor for the project and could not use the fund from childcare project to use for this weaving project anymore, CYK decided to end its weaving project at the end of June 2020 and handed over the community learning center and its responsivity to the commune leader through Tropeang Krasaing committee.