Promotion of Cambodian Traditional Hand Woven

To promote Cambodian traditional hand woven with natural dye, especially pictorial ikat hol pidan, as well as to show both Cambodians and Foreigners for more attraction, in 2019, Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) attended some exhibitions and events in Cambodian and oversea as following:

  • The Craft Bangkok 2019 organized by SACICT from 4th to 7th April​ at BITECT, Bangkok, Thailand,
  • National Art Festival organized by Ministry of Culture and Fine Art from 14th to 16th November at National Library,
  • Christmas Fair organized by WIG on 24th November at Canadian International School (CIS),
  • The 5th Annual Christmas Fair (Craft Market) organized by Himawari hotel on 7th and 8th December at Himawari Hotel & Apartment, and
  • The 14th Cambodian and Import-Export Goods Exhibition organized by Ministry of Commerce from 15th to 18th December at Koh Pich Conventional and Exhibition Hall.

During the exhibition and event, CYK also provided the opportunities for Angkor Ban Indigo Community (ABIC) members to learn and get new experience in communication with customers, decorate booth, practice sale, etc. So, they appreciated their hard works and thanked CYK and donors to provide them chance to attend more exhibitions and events. Their indigo scarves were wider known and popular among both national and international guests.