Angkor Ban Indigo Community (ABIC) Follow Up

To be self-reliance on the production, designing their products and selling, CYK tried to support them by strengthen designing indigo products of ABIC members especially how to design their special product to sell more widely. In 2019, CYK continued to conduct the follow up on their work for further support.

  • On 2nd July, 1st August and 19th September, 2019. The staff checked the activities planned by members one by one and their outcome; observe their indigo paste making, production plan, sale conduction and the cooperation among members and meeting with members to discuss their next plan for sustainability of their program.

During that time, CYK supported their sale and promotion by providing them the fund for making movable cart, banner, and name plate for selling their scarves in the community.

  • On 13th and 21st January, and 2nd March 2020, CYK conducted the follow up at ABIC on their continue activity and to conclude their one year achievement. According to the information from members, this year more foreign tourists visited the village and bought a lot of their Kroma and shibori. So, they tried to produce more indigo paste for selling and for dyeing, and design different of Kroma and shibori for selling in the village.

Even the work is hard, but members of Angkor Ban Indigo Community can earn extra income from this work at home so they’re happy to continue this work. And they’re proud of this work for preserve the Cambodian traditional indigo making skill, indigo dyeing skill, indigo Kroma weaving, indigo Shibori making, etc. as well as for the next generation. So, CYK had more confident to complete our project there at the end of April 2020.