Indigo Paste Making

For natural dye colors, indigo blue is essential for making the variation in colors. The traditional way of making indigo paste will be further trained. Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) invited Expert from Okinawa, Japan to train Angkor Ban Indigo Community members in Kampong Cham province for many years from 2014 and continues to support them by follow up on the quality of their indigo paste making.

In 2019, the indigo paste making was started from June by some members. This year, because the rain fall less from April to June, the paste color was not good enough. So, all members decided to stop in June and re-started making paste from July. According to the observation, after the rain fall enough at the end of June, the indigo plan grow very well and the color of indigo paste made in July was very beautiful blue. All members were very happy to get the expected quality of indigo paste this year.

This year, the number of group member increased from 7 to 9 families. And they decided to make indigo paste separately by their own but they discussed and confirm each other on technic and tried to observe the color of the paste together. Also, they tried to find the reason of problem together and discuss to find solution. When some paste did not get enough blue color, they asked to stop for a while. They tried to exchange idea to keep same quality of paste. The total paste making for this year is about 3,500Kg.