Sdao Kanlaeng 5 Village Preschool

With the cooperation from Kandal PoEYS, Kien Svay DoEYS and local authority and community, CYK opened and operated Sdao Kanlaeng 5 village preschool from November 2015 to March 2019.

During 3 years supports, CYK:
– Provided fund to set up environment such as repairing of 1 classroom and construction of 2 room toilet and digging well.
– Supported necessary fund for operating and management of this preschool including teaching materials, equipment, outdoor playing equipment, etc.
– Provided daily snacks, and supplementary food such as boiled eggs and soya milk twice every month for all children to attract them to school every day as well as for their physical and mental development.
– Provided teachers’ training, OJT training, monthly monitoring and technical meeting to help her to acquire proper skill and have more confidence on her works as teacher.
– Met regularly with committee members to discuss and share information on the management and operation of the preschools especially the children development after enter the preschool and settle the problem happen in preschool.
After three years support, in the committee meeting on 27th February 2019, Dei Eth leader and its supporting committee member assured that they could continue the operation and management of this preschool by themselves. And the handover ceremony of this preschool to the committee and the commune council was conducted on 21st March 2019. The total saving amount of 4,051,400R (equal to US$1,012.85) was also handover to the Tuol Samphy Primary school principal for floor tile, class repairing as their request and for sustainable operation for this preschool’s class.

After officially handover the responsibility on its operation and management, CYK childcare team conducted the follow up and evaluation on its operation and provide technical meeting to teacher once every three months. According to teachers’ information, the preschool is operated as normal from Monday to Friday, from 07:00am to 10:00am. The parents still continue to cooperate and contribute for their children every month. And the commune council paid their allowance regularly for 400,000R/month. She was asked to attend the monthly commune council meeting at the commune hall to report about the preschool’s activity. Moreover, her preschool was evaluated to be CPS standard for 2019 and get direct support from the government and invited to attend the CPS standard training for twice times from 2nd to 9th and from 16th to 22nd September 2019. It’s very encouraging for teacher to continue her work as teacher.