To Promote Cambodian Traditional Hand Woven Products

In 2018, to promote Cambodian traditional hand woven products with natural dye, especially pictorial ikat hol, pidan for attracting  Cambodians and Foreigners, CYK attend many exhibitions and events in Cambodia and oversea as following:

  1. Kizuna Festival from 22nd to 25th February at Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center,
  2. River Festival, from 9th to 11th March at Ta Khmao city,
  3. The Craft Bangkok 2018 for 4 days from 29th March to 1st  April at BITEC, Bangkok,
  4. The Asian’s Most Stylish Fair from 17th to 21st October at BITEC, Bangkok,
  5. National Art Festival, from 2nd to 4th November at National Library, and
  6. One Province One Product, from 8th to 11th December at Koh Pech.

Most people who visited the fairs like Cambodian woven ikat patterns, especially Pidan because as they are tie-dye complicated pictorial patterns of stories woven. And many young Cambodians did not know their traditional weaving before though after attending the events, they showered their interests to the weaving tradition.

During the exhibition and events, CYK staff shifted to participate with Angkor Ban Indigo Community (ABIC) members. In this exhibition we allowed ABIC members to display products and to observe the whole process of the participating exhibition. They had tried to decorate all items according to size and space to put the products. They also arranged between cotton and silk scarves on the table and stand. They could exhibit all different products. They appreciated to attend the exhibition to learn and get new experience in communication with customers, decorate booth, practice sale. They had learned many useful things during the selling at the exhibition and events as following:

  • Explanation about difficult work of indigo scarf making to the customers.
  • Ways of communication and introducing the activity of ABIC group in Kampong Cham.
  • Demands and comments on products from customers and the way to solve customers      complaint.
  • Different patterns of scarf from other venders
  • Practice how to display the booth in the exhibition.
  • The way to invite interested people for other events to promote their indigo scarves.
  • Revitalized indigo works attracted some visitors and more people.

Finally, they appreciated their hard work and thanked CYK and donors to provide them a chance to attend more exhibitions. Their indigo scarves were wider known and popular among both national and international guests.