New Three Village Preschools Were Opened in November 2018

In November 2018, CYK cooperated with Kompong Chhnang POE to open additional three village preschools at Kropeu Pul village , Rolea Bier district, at Bak Phnom village, Kompong Trolach distict and at Tonle Krao village, Chul Kiri distict, Kompong Chhnang province.. The teachers’ training was conducted by CYK childcare adviser and childcare team.

  • In July, with the cooperation of Kompong Chhnang POE & DOE officer, CYK had meet and discuss with the local authority in Bak Phnom, Tonle Krao and Kropeu Pul village on the class construction, class repairing and the preparation for the new opening of three village preschools in those village.
  • With the cooperation of Kompong Chhnang POE and DOE officers, CYK staff had met, confirmed and negotiation on the construction and repairing work with committee members and constructor in those villages on 20th and 29th June 2018.
  • From 10th to 19th September 2018, the teachers’ training was conducted at CYK office. And on-the-job training was continued at Beoung Kyang village preschool and Prey Tatouch childcare center from 25th to 28th September and from 1st to 5th October and from 1st to 5th October 2018. But because of heavy rain on 2nd October, the water got into the class so the OJT was moved to Kraing Leav village preschool in Ang Snuol distict, Kandal province
  • With the financial assistant from Nagoya Station Area Promotion Association, CYK provided fund for school building, class repairing and environment set up for these new village preschools. The school building and toilet construction that costs total US$5,900 for Bak Phnom and the school building that costs total US$5,100 for Kropeu Pul village was started in August and was completely finished in October. and the preschool’s class and toilet at Tonle Krao Primary School that costs total US$3,057.83 was started repaired in November and was completely finished in January 2019.
  • The officially opening ceremony of new three village preschools was conducted on 1st November at Kropeu Pul village, Svay Chrom commune and on 6th November at Bak Phnom village, Ampel Teok commune, and on 10th January 2019 for Tonle Krao village, Chulsa commune. There’re total 88 children registered and have chance to get early childhood care and education for their development.
  • The monitoring and teachers’ technical meetings were conducted once every month, after the opening day, by CYK childcare teamand Rolea Bier, Kompong Trolach and Chul Kiri DOE officers.
  • Daily snacks, boiled eggs and soya milk twice every month were provided to all children to attract them to school every day as well as for their physical and mental development.