Opening Ceremony of Scarf Weaving Skill Training Course at ABIC

According to the strong request from ABIC (Angkor Ban Indigo Community) members, CYK asked for the assistance from JICF to organize this training course for the second time for 40 days for six members. And the opening ceremony of scarf weaving skill training course was held on 1st Aug.’17.

In the training period, all members will practice to make warp by their own with nylon yarn. After the members understand clearly the way of making warp, they will be asked to help each other to make real warp on the loom for weaving by using the cotton yarn they dyed. This year, they are asked to practice the same pattern as last year, three different patterns. There’re three looms, so each loom, each pattern need to practice by two members.

They are happy and ready to start their learning and we hope they can improve and skillful on warping and weaving their scarves after this second training.