One Exercise Game in the Village Preschool

In the preschool, playing is learning and learning is playing because through playing, children learn a lot by using their five senses. Therefore, games are included in the preschool curriculum.
In CYK’s village preschool, cloth ball is very popular for children. They can play cloth ball during free time, and play happily with friends. However, teacher always use it as exercise game “cloth ball passing” after the national anthem.


How to play game?:

  • Set children in two lines with same numbers,
  • Mark the children in the front with color paper of flower,
  • To avoid children run into each other, set the direction for each line,
  • Teacher give starting sign by counting “1, 2, 3”, then the game start,
  • Children in the front pass the ball the next children,
  • The next children get the ball and pass to another, at his/her back,
  • The ball pass until children who stand at the back of the line,
  • After, children at the back of the line got the ball, then run to the front by direction set, and pass the ball to children in his/her back,
  • Children who stand in the front get back one step for him/her, and get the ball from him/her to pass again to his/her next,
  • Do the same way until the children who stand in the front for the beginning come back to the front,
  • Among two line, chidren of which line come back to the front first, all children in the line win the game,
  • The winner group can ask the loser group to sing the song or doing something for fun.

The purpose of this game are:

  1. for physical development (children use their body such as hand, eyes, foot, etc),
  2. for good concentration (need to concentrate on their group’s ball),
  3. for good communication (get and pass the ball from one to another) and solidarity (they should have solidarity for success).

During playing this game, children are happy, active, smart, have solidarity and good communication with friends in the group. Under the supervision of teacher, children are discipline, obey rule of the game and have good relationship among them.