Ms. Chhoeun March

I’m Chhoeun March, born on January 4, 1970. I’m working for Prey Tatouch Childcare Center (PT) in Prey Tatouch village, Beung Kyang commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province as a child minder and Leader. This year is 21st year as I started working since 1992 when it was opened.

I live with my parents. My father names Khen Bunchhel, 72 years old and my mother names Yem Mon, 67 years old. They are farmers.

To be self reliance of this childcare center, I cooperate with other child minders and BK supporting committee members to produce rice and plant vegetable for children’s meal, and raise fish, using small scale credit and finding donors to generate some income for the center.

As a child minder, I wish this community childcare center has sustainability operation because it’s needed for children from 0 to 6 years old who is developing all parts and it’s also very important for the community itself.

I’m unhappy when children are in danger, and I meet some difficulty in finding good ideas and technique for children’s education. Anyways, I’m happy when children have good health, bravery, safety, and good communication in the society. And especially, I’m very happy when I got good information from parents on our graduates that they’re very good student, they want to continue their study until have good job in the future.

I’ll try all my best to care and educate children in my village and research more for children development.

I would like CYK to continue supporting this childcare center and wish all CYK staff to be good health and happy.