Closing Ceremony of Pidan Weaving Skill Training Course For Preservation and Revitalization of Hol Pidan; Pictorial silk ikat

On June 30, 2016, the closing ceremony of the Pidan Weaving Skill Training course was held with the participation of representative from Non-Formal Education Department, committee members of Community Learning Center, trainer, four trainees, staff of weaving center and CYK office staffs.

In the closing ceremony, the trainer reported the process of training, pattern learned, dyed color, and difficulty met during the course. She also reported the result of the course’s evaluation. Moreover, she mentioned that the pidan graduates last year improved their skill a lot while the new trainees met much difficulty to weave the complicated pictorial patterns by imagining the whole pictures of pidan. Tying and adjusting the pictorial patterns are also inevitable to weave balanced artistic pictures on warp silk. Four of them still met some difficulty in dyeing Khmer silk with indigo color. In a short duration of three months, it was also very hard working for trainees to learn four different patterns of pidan, three patterns were completed in weaving but another was late in weaving because one trainee had to take care of her daughter who hospitalized in Phnom Penh for one week. As a trainer, she has been worked on pidan weaving for 30 years and it was very happy to train young weavers the pidan weaving for the second time.

CYK director reported that the CYK’s main goal is to improve village women’s living condition through conducting various courses of weaving trainings. The graduates of this training can expect more income. To support their market as well as to preserve Cambodian traditional pidan weaving, CYK try all the best to cooperate with partners to exhibit and sell their pidan to the interested people in the world as much as possible. So, they are encouraged to continue their pidan weaving.

The representative from Non-formal education department appreciated CYK that continued this Pidan Weaving Skill training project because it mostly disappeared and suggested to continue this training course every year. He also persuaded trainees to continue their pidan weaving after training for promoting to both Cambodian next generation and the world as well as to preserve Cambodian culture.

And the Head of committee also congratulate trainees and appraise trainer for attending the course from the beginning even there’re many difficulty. They hope this training course will be continued to upgrade the trainee’s skill as well as to help them for better income and to preserve Cambodian traditional pidan as well.

The closing ceremony showed the outcome of the training, the different patterns of each trainee during three-month course, to all participants. We hope they will use their learning skills to develop new design and dyeing after graduation.