International Children Day’s Event in June 2017

Every year, in June, CYK cooperate with DOE (District Office of Education) officers, village preschool supporting committee to organize special event for children of childcare center and all village preschools of CYK in Kandal and Takeo province.

The event is very special for children as well as for parents and community people. In the event, CYK’s representative explained the meaning of the event, children’s right, the important of early childhood education, children’s healthy development, etc. Moreover, children showed their ability by singing many songs in group, played happily many games with friends such as tug of war, jumping in the sack, watermelon splitting, three-legged race, etc. And at the end, children can have special meal together.

The event helps both children and parents for better communication among them and community people can understand more about the children right. Most of them are very happy and want to have such event for often.