Supplementary Feeding with Boiled Egg

Help us bring a smile to young children in rural Cambodia. Help them develop, learn, and enjoy a healthy life to build a better future for the country.

Since 1991, CYR has been caring for young Cambodian children of disadvantaged communities in rural areas, where public support is very limited, so they can receive a basic education to equip them to enter primary school when they become 6 years old.

In 2011, CYR launched, together with local communities, the Village Preschool program, to provide social and learning experiences for under 5 year olds. The majority of children are from poor working families with 40 % under nourished. In order to improve the nutritional standard of children we have come up with a new campaign for supplementary feeding with boiled eggs.

Eggs are highly nutritious, as we all know, containing high protein, which is essential for growth. Children love them, but eggs are a luxury food to them. We know that some children quietly take the egg home to share with their family. Children are also attracted by the supplementary feeding with eggs to attend the Village Preschool which children attend daily to learn educational and social skills such as the Khmer alphabet, songs, drawing, social manners and basic hygiene.

In recent years, Cambodia has developed economically, especially in the cities. However, poverty in rural areas is still high as in the past, with 70% of the population living on an income of less than $1.5 a day.  In such an environment the children are frequently malnourished and disadvantaged hindering them from full development.

CYK aims to expand their supplementary feeding program to cover all children attending the pre-schools and child care centers supported by CYK. A $5 contribution to this program is enough to prepare boiled eggs for as many as 6 children with the money going to the local community who produce the eggs and boil them.

We appreciate your support in this fundraising campaign to join us as an individual or as a group. Also please tell your friends and relatives about this program. We believe that with your support we can help children to achieve their dreams to build a greater Cambodia.