Weavers’ Vist to Pidan Exhibition at the National Museum

“Revitalizing Khmer Treasure Pidan: Pictorial Ikat Silk “ is being held at the National Museum of Cambodia. Pidan is very special, elaborately designed traditional pictorial silk ikat textile which has been used for decorating over Buddha statue in pagoda and praying for good health.
After the civil war, Pidan Hol has been reviving. Though Pidan weavers are getting old and there are few skilled weavers to weave Pidan silk. Therefore, CYK has conducted the skill training for young weavers to learn the skills of Pidan weaving in our training center in Takao province.
On 11 February 2014, a visit was conducted for weaving graduates and trainees to see this Pidan Exhibition at National Museum of Cambodia. They were very much excited and interested in this exhibition as several Pidans are their own works and displayed for the public. They have never thought that their weaving products are valued and displayed in the Museum.