The Exhibition on “Cambodia Traditional Pictorial Silk Textile; Preservation and Development” at the National Museum of Cambodia from January 11 to April 11, 2016

Hol pidan is a very special elaborately designed pictorial silk textile. It symbolizes the profoundness and excellence of skills of Cambodian ikat weaving. It is distinguished from other silk textiles by its design of narrative scenes, which often relate to Buddhism.

However many antique pidans have been destroyed or taken away overseas and there are few weavers who have the skills and are prepared to invest the time and effort in making pidans. So hol pidan weaving is at great risk of disappearing and Cambodian culture would be much the poorer for it.

To preserve, revitalize and develop the weaving technique of complex tie-dye skills of Cambodian traditional “Hol pidan”, CYK has been organizing the pidan training courses for advanced young weavers who have graduated from our weaving center. The exhibited pidans are the result of CYK’s training program. Among these eleven (11) pieces of pidan, four (4) pieces are dyed with indigo.

Under the cooperation with Cambodian National Museum and the supporting from the Embassy of Japan, CYK could organize this exhibition for three months, from January 11 to April 11, 2016. We hope that this exhibition introduces traditional Khmer weaving culture especially pictorial silk ikat, Hol Pidan to the Cambodian and international public. Also our hope is that it will encourage young village weavers to take pride in continuing their pidan weaving and will benefit the conservation of traditional Cambodian textile.