Government Pre-school Supports

1. Childcare Materials Development and Production

In 2008, CYK got assistance from Japan’s Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid and cooperated with the ECCE department of the MOEYS to print the pre-school teachers’ guide books on poems and riddles and Khmer consonant posters which was requested from the department. CYK also support ECCE department to organize the national, provincial and district level workshops for all government pre-school teachers all over the Kingdom of Cambodia on the aims and usage of those books and posters and distributed them.

In 2010, CYK also got assistance from Japan’s Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid and has been cooperated with the ECCD department of MoEYS to successfully print a set of 16 children’s books and conduct a national level workshop on Technique of story telling for all POE officers from 24 municipal-provinces and distribute those books for all government pre-school classes and FTI community pre-schools in all over the Kingdom of Cambodia.

CYK cooperated with Early Childhood Care and Education Department (ECCE) of Ministry of Education Youth and Sports to create a steering committee,  teamwork on “teaching/learning material/games usage & production” for all government pre-school teachers in remote provinces since 2009.
Committee Members are:
1. CYK (all Childcare Project staffs)
2. ECCE Department of MoEYS (4persons)
3. ECCE Office of Kandal Provincial  Office of Education, Youth and Sports

2. Cooperation with Kandal Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sports for government Pre-school Teachers
CYK cooperated with Early Childhood Care and Education Office of Kandal Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sports since 2004 for all pre-school teachers training and government pre-school construction/ renovation support.
With the cooperation with Kandal POE, CYK supported training on “the aims, usage and production of CYK teaching materials/games” and provided those materials for all government pre-school teachers in eleven districts of Kandal province.  Then cooperated with Kandal POE to conduct follow-up and evaluation on the usage of those materials in the following years.
CYK also supported fund for workshop on the curriculum of 5years-children for two times for 133 government pre-school teachers in Kandal province in 2007 as the government budget for this workshop was very limited and all pre-school teachers did not attend it.

– Model Pre-school Support
CYK cooperated Kandal Provincial Office of Education to fund for set up some facilities to Takhmao pre-school of Kandal province for training/workshop such as room’s facility, whiteboard, generator, long table, a set of computer, screen and projector, hand washing place, water tank and etc. as it is the model pre-school among all government pre-schools in Kandal province. The set of computer, screen and projector was used for training, workshops and annual meeting, etc.

CYK cooperated with Kandal POE to conduct an observational training program to Takmao and Tuol Thnaot Pre-school every year for all DOE and good pre-school teachers from 11 districts of Kandal province.   During the training, they can exchange experiences and learn new idea and each other to improve their teaching capacity in their school.

CYK supported fund to build an additional classroom for Tuol Thnaot Pre-school as the school consists only three (3) classes and the number of enrolled children increased to four classes and also supported fund to build front gate, fence and two toilets to improve the school environment which requested by Kandal POE and this school plan to be the second model pre-school among all pre-school in Kandal province.

– Teacher Training and Teaching Materials Production
CYK provided fund for teachers training on “the aims, usage and production of teaching material” for all pre-school teachers of Takhmao and Prek Samroang Pre-school as they are needed for teaching children in the class.

-Teachers Technical Meeting
CYK supported fund for regular technical meeting for all pre-school teachers and DOE officers of eleven district in 2009 and continued to support fund for this meeting for all pre-school teachers and DOE officers of three districts, Kandal Stung, Kien Svay and Ang Snuol district in Kandal province in 2010 to strengthen their teaching capacity as well as their capacity building and to make effective learning network among them.

– Outdoor Equipment Support
CYK supported fund for building a set of outdoor equipments (slide, seesaw and swing) which were installed by the community carpenters of each pre-school. Since 2004 to 2007, 44 sets of outdoor equipments were installed in the government pre-schools of Kandal province. And CYK cooperated with Kandal POE to conduct follow-up and evaluation of those outdoor equipments in 36 pre-schools and the result show that 75% of them were still in good condition and used by children.

3. Trapeang Svay Primary School  and 5 year pre-school class Support (TS)
– School Construction
In 2002, CYK used to support bread and milk for the children at the non-formal school under the house. Many children of the village came to study there as they cannot go to school which located far from the village. The most of the people live the communities were forced to move from the central Phnom Penh area to the village in 1990s.  It is observed that the peoples’ living situation was very severe whose huts are built on the road.

Non-formal school in the community 2002
In 2005, CYK donated the two stories building of three (3) classrooms for 5 year old children, grade I and grade II students.

The first school building in 2005 (TS)
2006, to know the children in the community, CYK made a survey for 100 families in the community.  And held the meetings of villagers heard their problems and requests on their children’s   education and health issues.

A survey 2006 rainy season flooded house
In 2007, CYK supported and built an additional school building of six (6) classrooms for Trapeang Svay Primary School to be the independent government primary school with 6 grades.

In 2009, CYK invited a nutritionist to conduct “Nutrition workshop” for all school supporting committee members and in 2010 for all 6 grade students and teachers to learn some knowledge on nutritious food so that they can consider more to improve their health condition.

– School Supporting Committee Meeting
CYK cooperates with the supporting committee of Trapeang Svay Primary School to develop school environment, to solve school problem, to provide breakfast, special food, and support for dental screening & treatment and health check-up for all students and teachers, etc.

4. Tekhapagnao Primary School Support

In 2005, the two community childcare centers in Samrongkrom commune, Dangkor district were closed to shift to the pre-school which was newly built by CYK in Tekkhapagnao primay school in the same community.  CYK has been supporting the operation of the  community childcare centers aiming to be managed by the community.

– Pre-school Teachers Support
CYK supported salary for two pre-school teachers to teach children of Tekhapagnao pre-school class in Dang Kao district, Phnom Penh as there is only one pre-school teacher but the children increased to three classes. And also provide training on child care and education including materials production to all teachers to strengthen their teaching capacity.

– Special Food
CYK provided special food, such as soy milk (8 times/month) and  sweet bread (5times/month) to all children and teachers of Tekhapagnao pre-school class since 2009 and the children numbers increased from 30persons in school year 2008-2009 to 120persons in school year 2009-2010 also keep increasing in school year 2010-2011.