Community Pre-schools

For more Children to have Chance for Learning
Education is a basic human right and an essential factor for poverty reduction. Education has the potential to change the world to be a better place. And if we invest in education now, we will reap the dividends later. The Royal Government of Cambodia recognizes the importance of early childhood care and development. That is the advantageous value for the future of children who will be the pillars of the country. So one of the national plan of Education is increase the enrollment of 5Y children into pre-school to 75% by the year 2015. CYK has been trying to extend childcare project along the national policy.  We will support more children to access childcare facilities, especially those in poor community.

Based on the survey in 2010, CYK decided to open two community pre-schools in Prasat and Ta Prom village out of 6 villages, Kandal Stung district in Kandal province. Taprom village is far from primary school in the commnue, and most villagers are very poor.
These community childcare centers officially opened in October, 2011.

Next challenges
CYK aims to have these two community pre-schools operated by the committee as much as possible from the beginning. Therefore CYK cooperated with those commune leaders to create pre-school supporting committee and discuss with them how to manage their community pre-schools and support the salary of those teachers by the people in the village. 

CYK challenges to open more community pre-schools for disadvantaged children.