Community Childcare Centers Operation

Sustainable Operation and management of childcare centers by the community

In Cambodia, the number of pre-school is very limited, and 25.5% of children of 3-5 years old can access to pre-school education (Education Statistics 2010/2011 EMIS, MoEYS). We think the human and total environment for early childhood is greatly important and fundamental to their physical and emotional development and firm foundation to the future citizen. Our organization focuses on early childhood care and education and implements various activities with those young children and community people.

CYK has been supporting the operation of two community childcare centers in Prey Tatouch village since 1992 and in Beung Kyang village since 1994 in Kandal province. The age of those children attending the centers are 3-5 years old. Total number of children who graduated from two childcare centers in 2010 is 586 who entered to the primary school in the community.

Teachers create a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn through various activities including personal hygiene and health care practice. Breakfast and lunch are also provided in the center.

Emphasis is on training childcare teachers and parents to promote better understanding about the importance of early childhood care and development and their roles in the communities for sustainable operation and management of the centers. The members of supporting committee are also elected every two years by the villagers.