Ms. Yang Sokonthea

My name is Yang Sokonthea, 45 years old. I have been working  as a childcare teacher for 21 years at Prey Tatouch Childcare Center (PT) in Prey Tatouch village,  Kandal province.  I have three sons. My first son, Kong Piseth, 20,  is a factory worker.  Kong Pisal, 17, is grade 11 student. And my third son, Kong Bandeth, is 10,  in grade 4.  I’m happy to work for children at the childcare center  in my village. Because they are bamboo shoot and the pillar of the country in the future.

It is my pleasure to see those children to develop, love their family members, teachers, friendsa and people around them.  I hope them to be strong as the member of the commune and our country. Now we are working very hard to continue our childcare centers to be more sustainable. We  do many activities beside teaching, rice production, fish raising and vegitable garden are all for the meals for the children at our childcare centers. During these 21 years, I have used all my power to do many tasks but my salary is very small amount. Anyways, I’m happy with children and hope they can replace me later.

At the end, I’ll try all my best to implement all tasks to obtain the sustainability of this childcare center for our next generation.