Ms. Rin Simon

I’m Rin Simon, born on March 15, 1978. I’m living in Beung Kyang village, in Kandal province. I have been working as a childcare teacher of Beung Kyang Childcare Center since 1994, 19 years. My husband is a farmer. I have two daughters. My first daughter, Pheng Nisa, 12 years old and the second, Pheng Narika, 6 years old. They are grade 6 and grade 1 students of Beung Kyang Primary school.

Besides giving care and education to village children, I also cooperate for the project for sustainability of this community childcare center.  We produce rice, vegetable gardening and raising fish for childrens meals. I would like this community childcare center to be sustainable. I try all my best to educate children and joint all activities for self reliance of this childcare center. Although I have sometimes difficulties in management of children’s activities as they do not listen to my advice or we need to guard them from danger. I’m tired when we make compost natural fertilizer for rice field. Although it is hard work, I’m very happy to be a childcare teacher here to care and educate many children in my village.