Ms. Ouch Bora

My name is Ouch Bora, born on July 3, 1968 at Beung Kyang village, Beung Kyang commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. My husband, Seng Sovannak,  is a farmer. I have two children, a girl and a boy. My daughter, Lim Solida,  is studying at Prek Sleng High School, grade 12. My son, Lim Sakkarin, is in grade 10 of Prek Sleng High School.

I work for Beung Kyang childcare center for 19 years, since 1994 when it opened as a child minder and a  leader. Now, some of children who I had cared, are studying at university, some are working and some others married.

For self-reliance of this community childcare center, I try to collect contribution and donation from parents, planting rice (make compost fertilizer) and vegetable for children’s meal, fish raising for income generation, and use small scale credit, etc.

As a teacher, I would like to have this childcare center to be sustainable for our small children in the village because it can help parents to leave for work outside such as farming, factory working and so on.

For sustainability of this childcare center, we need the assistance from CYK, donors, or government.  We meet many difficulties everyday. For example, one of our concern in the center is children’s accident, we consider their safety all the  time.  At the same time we have to work very hard for the childcare center operation. Making compost natural fertilizer, transport it to the rice field, select rice seed, sow rice seed, transplant and harvest rice for children’s meal, etc. It is sometimes very tired.

I’m happy to see children

–    become clever,

–    observe rule,

–    listen to teachers,

–    closely communicate and feel confident with teachers,

–    graduate from childcare centre and going to primary school,

And I’m happy to join staff trip to others provinces.

In the future, I dream to see Beung Kyang childcare center to be a model with international standard as the childcare center in foreign countries. I appreciate CYK very much because CYK established this childcare center and support everything for its operation. If there was no CYK, children in the village did not know what childcare center like. Because we are in the countryside and children could not have safe place to play, not much experience to be brave, many friends.

I wish you all to be happy, lucky and successful in your life.