Ms. Keo Nheb

My name is Keo Nheb, born on February 20, 1973. I was a member of BK supporting committee for 3rdmandate, 2009-2011. In 2009, one child minder was resigned and it’s difficult to find new child minder so I voluntary to be a child minder of Prey Tatouch Childcare Center in Prey Tatouch village, Beung Kyang commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. This year is the 4th year.

I have three sons. My first son names Sem Kiri, born on March 5, 1989. He is a military soldier. My second son names Sem Rina, born on September 7, 1990. He’s policeman. And my third son names Sem Sopheak, born on February 20, 1996. He’s a monk.

As a child minder, I’m really happy that I have chance to provide care and education to children in my village because they’re bamboo shoot so I have to give good advice.

For the sustainability of this community childcare center, I joint in many activities such as bringing saving box to the pagoda to collect donation, help to control small scale credit, producing rice and planting vegetable for children’s meal, dig pond to raise fish for income generation, etc. In additional, I try to announce to donor in the community to support our childcare center.

As I’m a child minder, I have to keep clean, everything must be ready, obey rule, and improve teaching quality. In the future, I will develop this childcare center and make it to be recognized by all people in community. Even I face with many difficulty, I still get small amount of salary.

At the end, as a child minder, I’ll try all my best to educate children in my village to be educated, clever, good moral conduct, and also to be good people for the society. And as this childcare center is very needed for children as well as for people in the community, I wish its operation is sustainable.