Ms. Duong Saret-TS cloth ball sewer

May mane is Duong Saret, 36 years old and my husband is 34 years old. He is construction worker. I have four children. First is girl, 12 years old, grade 6 student. Second is boy, 10 years old, grade 2 students. Third is also boy, 3 years old. And the last one is girl, 1.5 years old.

I got HIV/AIDS but my husband and children have no any infection. With the daily income of my husband from 15,000R (US$3.75) to 17,000R (US$4.25), we can have only two meals, lunch and dinner (no breakfast). And sometimes, we cannot go to hospital even we got sick.

Before I used to sell some food to earn my family’s life but because I got HIV/AIDS so nobody bought it from me. Luckily, CYK provide me the work of sewing cloth ball monthly so I can earn 15,000 Riels (US$3.75). This income can help to send my children to school. I wish my children can become teacher in the future.