Ms. Choub Sam Oeun, A Sewer of Mascots

I am making many mascots for CYK Handicraft. I used to sew several kinds of mascots for selling in markets in Phnom Penh. I live with my husband and son. I have to earn money for my family. My husband used to work as a soldier.  When he was in the battlefield of sivil war,  the bomb was exploded near by and the big tree was fallen on his back. So he can not do heavy work since then. And my son was born with a weak constitution, very weak and lost eye-sigh of his left eye when he was young. I spent money on food, clothing, house rent, and others. The sewing fee for market shop was very cheep. So my earnings was not enough for feeding family.

Since 2007, I started sewing for CYK Handicraft. CYK’s mascots are difficult to sew for the first time.  I tried to make samples and adjusted shapes and sizes of them many times. The cloth materials are all natural dyed woven cloth. They are very small and difficult to sew. I learned how to sew turtle from other CYK sewer. Now I can make all kinds of their mascots.

My living is better than before. I
continuously get order from CYK Handicraft and could negotiate suitable fee for sewing. So, I could save some money. Now I raise chicken and ducks and plant vegetables for my family.
I would like to say thank you so much for CYK that provides job for me nearly 6 years. I am very happy to see customers like to buy those mascots I sew.