Monthly sewing fee supports child’s school meal

There are 3 families, 22 persons, living in this small house. My family has 7 members. I, Huot Saret, is 46 years old.  My husband is 41 years old. We have 5 children. First daughter, 20 years old. The forth is 7- years- old sun, grade 1 student of Trapeang Svay Primary School. And the last is 2 years- old girl.

The eldest daughter could learn until grade 5 and the second and the third could learn until grade 7. To support our family’s living, three of them must stop studying and worked as factory’s workers.

My husband and I sell some snack at home or sell chicken eggs in front of the factory and earn from 15,000R (US$3.75) to 20,000R (US$5) per day. Our income is only for whole family‘s limited meals so it’s hard when someone get sick.

And my extra income from cloth ball sewing, 15,000 Riels (US$3.75) can help to send my children to school so I would thank CYK that provide me this kind of simple work monthly.