Ikat Cloth Designer

Mr. Suong Mich has been working for Caring for Young Khmer since 2005 as a trainer of weaving skills training course at Trapeang Krasaing weaving center. After his marriage, he started weaving work to support his wife. He learned by himself how to create ikat patterns and has developed his skills of designing to create new ikat patterns for weaving.

He used to paint pictures of Buddha’s episodes on the walls in pagoda. It might affected his designing the patterns of ikat silk cloth, especially pictorial ikat patterns of Buddha’s stories.  He likes designing new ikat patterns by tying bunches of weft silk yarn. He can design many new patterns whatever he want such as bird, tree, animals, fish and human shape. He is talented and likes to create new ikat patterns and to teach it to the village weavers.

One of his recent works “Churning Milk Sea”, it took nearly 2 years to complete tying  the images on many bunches of weft silk yarn. Now the Pidan is
exhibited at the National Museum in Phnom Penh. As a trainer in weaving training center, he is busy in designing new ikat patterns for all graduates and for teaching the participants of mobile workshops on starting tying ikat pattern to village weavers in Takeo province.