Grandma of a Indigo Dye Family

There is a family that produce indigo paste, natural blue color for weaving textile in Kompong Cham provincde.  It used to be famous place for producing cotton scarf dyed with Indigo blue and selling indigo dye to middleman as well. Recently, there is a few people who produce indigo dye in the area.

CYK has been cooperating the one of the families that make indigo dye. Sar Ee, the grandmother of the family, is now 84 years old. She is still healthy , clever and  has a good memory.

After she got married in 1947, she came to live with her husband in his village in Kompong Cham.  Her mother in law was a indigo dye maker.. Sar Ee had learned the skill from her. Until now she is still concerned in doing this business.

Since 2008, CYK has cooperated with Sar Ee to produce indigo paste. Though the quality of indigo dyed color did not reach to the standard yet. Therefore, in 2012 there will be two times Indigo dye workshop in Kampong Cham with Japanese experts in order to share successful experience to the villagers who are interested in making indigo dye and dyeing it.