Everyday-Lunch at Pagoda

My name is Has Phearom, 52 years old. My wife is Chum Sokha, 47 years old. I have two children, one is a boy, 10 years old and another is a girl, 4 years old. My son now is grade 6 student of Trapeang Svay Primary school.

I’m a motor taxi driver but my motor bike is old so some customers don’t like to take it. My wife is working as cleaner and cook at Samroang Andet pagoda and earn 4,000R (US$1) per day. We earn very small amount of money and it’s not enough for our food everyday. So, during school holiday, my son and I go collecting recycle materials for selling. And all of our family members have lunch at pagoda everyday and bring the left food from pagoda for dinner during Buddhist day (4 times a month).

It’s lucky that CYK provides us work of 10 cloth balls sewing every month so we can earn extra for 15,000R (US$3.75). This amount can help my son to school everyday.